Titleist Performance Institute


Wayne is a Level 1 Titleist Performance Institute Certified instructor.

What is TPI?

 TPI was founded by Dr. Greg Rose and a top 100 teacher Dave Phillips.  It is a program that studies how the body functions during the golf swing. The TPI program teaches 16 physical screens that test a clients ability to move. All these are directly correlated to certain parts in the golf swing. 

As a coach this helps Wayne to understand how your body functions during the swing and if you have any physical limitations. If you have any limitations due to lack of flexibility or injury, as a coach Wayne will be able to adjust your swing and not force you into positions you are not ready for. 

As a TPI Certified Instructor Wayne will customize your individual golf lessons with a goal of reaching your best abilities. Everyone has unique skills and challenges and this program will benefit you to know what yours are.

Below are pictures from one of the TPI Camps Wayne hosted at Van Nuys Golf Course. 

For more information, please contact Wayne (818) 470-6351 or via email waynetynigolf@gmail.com